Day 2 Ticks & Rain

Found my first tick on me. We’re just jumping right into all the dirty and less-attractive aspects of outdoor living, as you’ll see a couple of paragraphs down.

Today we headed again into Castle Rock to climb. While in the parking lot, I overheard an older gentleman mentioning to his friends about Access Fund. As they had already spoken a friendly greeting to us before this, I felt it was okay to chime in about our trip and talk with them a bit more about Access Fund. He told me about some of the issues going on and we discussed with his friends, who had never heard of Access Fund before, some of what Access Fund is all about- environmental stewardship and keeping access open to climbing routes. It’s funny how a little thing like knowing about a nonprofit can turn into a full length conversation and make you feel like old friends… this happened again in the afternoon while stopping in at Tracy’s, the local store/post office/gas station. We got a lot of talking in about local access issues and park issues in general.

We also got rained out. Not just out of climbing, but also out of our tent. The back door was left open and my down sleeping bag, never a friend of water, was soaked in the head and at the foot area where the rain had channeled down the sleeping pad and collected. Steve’s bag was mostly dry, and in a highly chivalrous move, he assessed the damage and gave me his bag to sleep in while he took my wetter, and much smaller, sleeping bag.

Tent got rained out

Drying out our tent

In other news, since the forecast calls for even worse weather tomorrow than it has been today (windy, rainy, cold <- are any of these good for climbing?), we stopped by a local restaurant and, since we noticed they were slammed because of the weather, we offered to come in tomorrow to work for a few hours. The owner, Johnny, was a nice fella and told us to stop back in around 3 pm tomorrow to see if he needed an extra hand. We figure it might be good to try and do this wherever we go if we are there for a few days so we can try to recoup some of the funds we’ve put into this trip. Our gas mileage has been severely reduced by the extra weight in the car and the cartop carrier. We had accounted for about five miles less a gallon, but this is looking more like ten or so. Plus, we’re discovering that the gas prices in these little towns are… uh, high.

In other words, if you’ve got a dollar or two you can part with, we’d very much appreciate the donation (which you can do from the home page of our site or just by clicking on the yellow cloud above). Know that this donation is working towards educating others about environmental stewardship and working to clean up popular outdoor areas. It’s also helping Access Fund in general, as we are going around talking to others about this hard-working nonprofit. And in advance… thank you. Very much.


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    • Gina

      All part of the adventure, right? And no, but we made pretty good friends there. We promised them next time we were in town, we would.


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