Day 10

So far:

We’ve met with frustrations: finding camping spots at night, sleeping warmly, learning new rock and new areas, sharing confined spaces.

We’ve met with some amazing: stories from incredible people living their dreams, new views and photographic sunsets, crystal clear skies, learning new rock & new areas, learning a new way of looking at and living life.

The frustrations will iron themselves out, we’ve been told many times by those who have forged the road before us. But the amazing will keep happening and the memories of that will be spectacular. Gotta know the lows to appreciate the highs, and as Steve said on one frustrating day: Yeah, things might not be going that great today, but look where you are.

I looked and saw 600 foot sheer cliffs plummeting into a wide, meandering river lined with trees rivaling the Redwoods.

Yeah… not too bad, afterall.

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