Comfort: It’s the little things that mean the most

We got hooked up with a cabin!

We spent half a day on the computer to finish things up as much as possible and then left for Seattle after Cayle gave us his leftover Pho (first time I’ve ever had it. Yum!). We hit Astoria on the way down (went out of our way for this; didn’t even look twice as we went in and passed right through – not worth it, at least without someone who knows the place) and tried to hit St. Helens on the way to Seattle, but it was too far out of the way and we were running late to make it to our next stop at Raeshell and Ben’s place.

When we did arrive around 10pm, they had pizza and new people there waiting for us. We stayed up and talked with everyone and had our fill of the item we had been craving the most since being on the trip. It was just Domino’s but it tasted like heaven.

Rae & Ben have a little cabin in the back that they fixed up for us to stay in. Very excited to climb Exit 38 tomorrow with Ben (Rae has to work).

Funny how little things mean so much now. Clean clothes, pizza, four walls. It’s so comforting to have all these things around me today.

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