Climbing & Yoga: a symbiotic relationship

October 24

Lots of balancy moves in Rumbling Bald

Waking up in a hotel room was a pleasant way to start out the day. I wasn’t freezing, there was running water in the small room next to me (a fancier version of an outhouse; I think it’s referred to as a restroom?), and electricity to power my laptop so I could get some work done.

I’d like to say I slept in, but my body doesn’t allow for such frivolities. I was awake long before the sun and used those quiet hours to download apps on my phone, something I haven’t done in 3 months as my phone has been turned off. My biggest score was a yoga app with sequential poses so I can practice yoga from wherever this trip takes me.

How much we need yoga came to light this weekend and especially today. Many of the moves here in Rumbling Bald bouldering are crimpy balance moves that flow from one stance to another, much like yoga. This type of movement is why I love climbing. I also noticed today that we both felt sore in particular areas, something that could have been alleviated, at least in part, by yoga stretches.

When I took up yoga at my local climbing gym, I noticed my climbing performance improved drastically and that I could complete technically challenging bouldering problems with more efficiency. I had forgotten about these benefits until yesterday when Steve mentioned, out of the blue, that he needed to startdoing yoga. It was in my thoughts as I moved through problem sequences today. I lamented the fact that I would most likely be able to move through the day’s boulder problems with less muscle taxation if I had been able to keep up my yoga practice.

Well, now I can. I’m looking forward to trying out this program on-the-go. Bonus: I can pretend to be in one of those yoga instruction videos that film their teachers in beautiful wild places, since that’s where I’ll be when using the app.

Go big then go home: last attempt at Rumbling Bald

Tonight: impromptu 8.5 hour drive home to Florida, interrupted only by a hearty Waffle House dinner. Three consecutive days of bouldering is about all we can take in Rumbling Bald.

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