Bouldering in Leavenworth – and other adventures

The campground we are staying at is very noisy, so we might only stay here another night or so and see if we can find the free climber campground we heard about at the shop.

Headed up to do some bouldering today. We heard that the area is mostly trad climbing so we may be doing mostly bouldering here, but after what we saw of the bouldering today, I won’t mind that much. There are lots of areas to check out with a good number of problems and great rock to do it on. I’ve never been much of a boulderer (just started doing it in the climbing gym in Salt Lake this past year) but today made me a fan.

The area we were in today was up Icicle Creek Road at about mile 8.8. There are a few different areas of boulders that are noticeable soon after crossing the road from the parking area (which is on the river side). There’s no real marker to show you where the boulders are, so it took a bit to find it the first time. There were tons of problems of varying degrees of difficulty, which satisfied both Steve and I.


Love the rock here. I hope we do get to do some climbing in the area, but if it’s just bouldering, that’s A-OK.

The grocery store is right across the road from our campsite and we were bored, so we walked over there to see if anything was on sale and to get some fruit. We ended up spending a little less than 2 hours in there, just playing around (seems like Leavenworth has this affect on us) and came out with a cart full of cheap cans of food we purchased. Then realized we had walked there.

Oh, and by the way, the food the Church of the Nazarene gave us yesterday fed us both for all three meals today. Wow. We’re very appreciative to them for their generosity!


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