Bite of Bozeman

We were supposed to climb today but all the climbs are at least ½ hour away and most of the ones that are close only have a few routes.  Both of us are dying to get on the rock but we have to be so careful about gas consumption because of our budget, and especially because of having gone to Alaska.

So instead of climbing, we worked. We have internet here and we have to do as much as we can since updating is a priority we haven’t been able to fulfill as much as we hoped.

After uploading videos from the GoPro cameras to the computer and updating some things on Twitter and Facebook, we headed out with Jessie and Aaron to “Bite of Bozeman,” a street fair of the area’s food, music and bars.  We didn’t really eat anything, but Jessie, Steve and Aaron went to a few of the bars.

We ate frozen pizza for dinner late tonight. We were planning on getting to sleep early so we could head out to Kentucky tomorrow before the sun gets up, but I think we missed our chance with that since we all stayed up so late.

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