Benefit of Maine Family: Seafood

Hung out at Aunt Bonnie’s for a while.  She ordered lobster, clams and crab legs for us for dinner (somewhat of a tradition whenever I come up) and it was ordered straight from her friend who works as a fisherman, so it was as fresh as it comes.

Kyle took us down to another portion of Acadia National Park- Schoodic Point- which is where I used to go as a kid all the time when I was up visiting.  This time I viewed it in an entirely different light- trying to find possible boulder routes.

Maine reminds me so much of Alaska but on a smaller scale. There are fishing boats dotting the ocean, shack type houses mixed among nicer ones, and big wildlife like bears and moose. It’s a unique way of life that it is interesting to see it in two completely different areas.

When we got back, we visited with my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Earl until dinner was ready at Aunt Bonnie’s. Wow- she really went overboard! We had so much seafood we couldn’t eat it all and the freshness was out of this world! The sea was right in the flavor of the lobster and the crab legs were so buttery that I didn’t want any extra for dipping.  Oh my gosh… amazing!


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