Bear’s Paw Bakery- The Best Part of the Day

Headed over to Bear’s Paw Bakery and got a Great Canadian- the ham and cheese bread loaf.  Headed to Maligne Canyon, one of my favorite places to see- ever.  I went back and sat in the car, though.  Not feeling it today, I guess.  Don’t want to mess up the memory I already have of it.  Last time I came was happy and fun and I’d rather just keep that memory

I think it rains every day in Canada. Even on sunny days.

We are now at Lake Morigne and I’m again sitting in the car.  It’s another place with a good memory and I just don’t want to even look at the lake.  I remember the last time I was here very clearly, so there’s not a need to see it again anyway, even though I love it.  I just want to keep good memories here.  Banff and Jasper have always been some of the best memories of trips I’ve taken and I don’t want stupid things to mess that up.  It’s too cool of a place for that.

I’m so tired today for some reason.  I don’t know, maybe because I’m just sitting in the car.  Now we’re at the Fairmont Jasper Hotel… this whole day is just one memory after another.  I should have stayed at the hotel instead of coming out.  It makes me feel bad for Steve’s parents that I’m not really going and doing anything.  It’s just too uncomfortable.

Got back to the hotel and just stayed here while everyone else go to dinner.  I was trying fix the Mac and got it to work on and off.  Really couldn’t get much done.  Pretty lame day.

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