Bar Harbor and Acadia Climbing

Went out to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park for a bit today so Steve could check it out and we could try to find some climbing.  He really loves the Northeast… he keeps saying how surprised he is by it and how he can’t believe he never came here as a kid. And I agree, it is really beautiful. I lived here for a summer (on the island) and I do miss that- but mostly it’s just the cliffs being right next to the ocean and the fresh seafood. Otherwise, I am happy with my mountains in Utah.

Talked to Rob in Cadillac Mountain Sports in Bar Harbor.  We got details on some bouldering and climbing areas (about four different areas on the island) that we plan on checking out tomorrow.

Hung out at Otter Cliffs where people climb over the ocean. Really beautiful. So difficult to find.  It’s not marked from the main path and there are lots of similar paths splitting off from the main one.  We knew it as the right one when, almost immediately after detouring from the main path, we saw an informational sign for climbers.  A few people were there climbing, so we talked with them and checked out their guidebooks.  They said the climbs are a lot of fun, but mostly easy (5.7s with 5.11 being the hardest).  These are all top rope routes with rappels in and climbing out. Gotta get there before the tide comes in and sweeps you away. (Be careful if you go!)

I made handmade pasta for a seafood concoction I created using the leftover seafood.  It felt so good to cook with fresh ingredients.  I usually make pasta using my pasta roller on my Kitchen-Aid mixer. Since I didn’t have that option here, I made it on the table the old fashioned way- flour with a well in the middle for the eggs and beating it into a dough. Either way comes out fantastic and noticeably better than store-bought pasta.  The seafood sauce had all the leftover crab, clams and lobster that was in the fridge.

Mmm. Fresh food is so amazing!

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