Banff’s Dangerous Northern Butterfly

Hiked Johnston canyon and hiked past to the inkpots.  Some foreigners were drinking the water right from the streams and putting it into their bottles. Uh…

A butterfly landed on my bare foot and as we were looking at it, a lady came up, obviously disturbed.  She looked down, exclaiming, “You have a butterfly on your foot!” not sure how to take this outburst, I looked down at it too, looked back and her and replied, “Yes.”  I didn’t know where to go from there.  She, still staring in horror at it, said, “You should be careful.  It might inject something in you!”

I was pretty much dumbfounded. I racked my brain to figure out how to respond and tried to keep my eyes diverted.  I caught Steve smirking next to me.  All I could figure to do was move the terrible butterfly from my ankle to my finger.  This appeased the women who now started moving in for a closer look and extolling the virtues of its beautiful color and circles on the back of the wings.  Then she strolled on, saying how her grandson would love the butterfly.

After Johnston Canyon, which we exited just in time to catch the beginning of stroller and pint-sized purse dogs heading up the trail, we headed to Fairmont’s Lake Louise lodge and the lake itself.  If you haven’t been, the lake is one of the most hypnotizing sights you’ll lay your eyes on.  A giant chunk of glacier chops off at the edge of a cliff, exactly where the lake comes to a point in the distance.  The white of the glacier makes a bright gash against the blue sky and the lake below shines with an ethereal blue-green hue. Canoes drift aimlessly about the lake and pine trees sweep up from the shoreline to tree line, each individual tree clearly marked against its neighbor.  People huddle around the water’s edge, dipping toes in tentatively, then gasping and backing away at the sudden bit of cold on their feet, only to return more confidently and repeating the process

The lodge itself is new but built in a chateau-esque fashion.  It rises abruptly from the trees below and makes itself seen to everyone arriving there.  There area too many tourists in this place to feel as thought this lake is still wilderness area, but just in case there was any doubt, the lodge is there to knock all question of man’s conquest down.

We sat on the back patio of the lounge. Steve and family had a beer and I enjoyed a tall glass of ice-cold milk.  With a bendy straw.

Later, we went out to eat at Banff Avenue Brewing Company, a place in Banff that has really cool sounding ingredients in their food.  I ordered a meatloaf burger with pretzel bread; Steve got banana chip fried chicken strips. The food was good, but heavy.

Came back to the hotel and that’s about it!

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