August 21: We don’t like your kind round here

Interesting trip to the doctor’s in Virginia… Thankfully, the bump I was feeling in my throat was nothing more than a bone that belongs there (woo) but strangely, it’s knocked a bit out of place, which is why I was feeling uncomfortable and noticing it had gotten bigger. On top of it, it seems I have developed allergies. Much better, altogether, than what I was fearing.

We left in afternoon to head to the mountains of North Carolina to climb. It looks as though we are chasing Fall on this trip… the leaves in each area are just gorgeous. Thankful we took this route, though the sleeping at night is getting cold… 30s in the east is much more “brisk” (to put it nicely) than back West.

The adventure of tonight: trying to find a place to camp. While searching, we found an abandoned parking lot that we thought we could set a tent up in since there was some open land behind it. As I pulled off, I noticed there were two police cars right behind me… of course. They slowed down to see what I was doing, so I began turning the cararound to find another spot. They drove off, but I had a feeling they’d be back. We were tired that we decided to chance it and got ready to sleep in the car.

Just as we were settled in, they came back. Guess they didn’t like the dirt bag climber look because we got flashlights in the face, IDs pulled up, interrogated. We finally turned out to not be the criminals they imagined, and we were left with a “good luck” on our camping search.

So we abandoned our abandoned parking lot and took off for a more welcoming area. After about 30 minutes of backtracking and searching, we finally decided on a hotel parking lot and tucked ourselves away in the back. Bonus: restrooms.

Almost canceling the benefit of that bonus: sleeping in the car.

By the way, saw this while we were driving.


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