Another Day Closer to Alaska

Drove 15 hours today. Rained most of the time (which we are really starting to get tired of) but luckily soon after we got on Highway 37 (after Smithers, aka the Cassiar Highway) the clouds cleared and we got some amazing views of the most rugged mountains I’ve ever seen- complete with glaciers!

The roads are much better here than I though they would be. I’ve heard horror stories of potholes that swallow cars and sections where bandits hangout to steal your last stitch. However, stories about gas are true. Because the stations are so few and far between and in highly remote areas, the price per liter here is much higher than anywhere along the southern border of Canada… by about $0.35/ liter. In the States the gas right now is about $3.50/gallon, here the gas is equivalent to about $5.50/gallon. This is an expense we didn’t know to plan for.

It’s worth it though. Everyone told us since we were this close (relatively, being in Canada) that we just had to go. I am feeling pretty awesome about following through on that advice- not that I needed any convincing whatsoever.

We’ve seen lots of tribal areas (First Nations) and six bears today.  The scenery is spectacular and just the fact that I am driving in an area where practically no one I know has ever been (with the exception of two adventurous souls) makes this an adventure in itself. I love it.  The Cassiar Highway is pretty great- not as amazing as others had made it out to be, but perhaps one of the best ways to come by car.

We are pulled over by the side of the road near the British Columbia / Yukon border.  I am writing this by the fading sunlight. Still plenty to read and play cards by, which we’re about to do.

It’s 11:24 pm.

The sun has no intention of going down.

What a different world!

Our view tonight- taken at 9:30 pm

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