Alaska, ho!

Got up early because I am determined to leave.  It is still raining. Boiled water for oatmeal (cook it right in the pouch) to keep cleanup simple.  Headed to Starbucks again to check feasibility of going to Alaska and then we were on our way.

Holy cow.

We’re going to Alaska.

Um, and not only are we going to Alaska, but we are also going to Yukon. That has been a dream of mine from the minute I found out there was such a place called Yukon. To me, it seemed as far-fetched a place to go as Siberia.

We made it as far as Prince George tonight. The rains were so heavy that we pulled over a little early just north of the city. Since this is the last major town on the road to Alaska until we get to Whitehorse, we have to be careful about our gas and driving because cell phone reception has been sparse and I’m guessing it just gets worse from here.  Oh, and Prince George… not great.

By the way, tonight I am officially the furthest north I have ever been. You have no idea how excited that makes me.


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