Actually Leaving Salt Lake City

We were going to make it out of Salt Lake City no matter what. Woke up after a pretty comfy night’s sleep on the floor of the empty apartment next to my own. Steve was able to get everything into the car and organized, including my little piece of luxury, the CampChef stove. (Come on now, to a baker who is also in love with the outdoors, this thing is irresistible!) It was stuffed full of pans and cooking ingredients to maximize efficient use of space. My poor Mazda had never been so used… it was filled to the brim with climbing gear, sleeping bags, crash pad for bouldering, computer, food, etc.


Picked up the business cards I designed with extra help and input from the talented Brooke Miller who came up with the great idea of rearranging the elements to look like a postcard. I also grabbed some posters I made for the trip, which I dropped off at a few outdoor stores & our local climbing gym and kept the rest for places we visit as we go. Checked in at Black Diamond with my friend Joe who was waiting with my order of climbing gear and a smile to top it off. It was the only moment in the past few days that felt relaxing as we chatted about totally unrelated topics such as mountain bike trails and passing off my heirloom tomatoes to him since I promised him some last summer & never got the chance to deliver. Enjoy, Joe.


Around 9 pm, we shut the door on the final load going into the storage unit and set up the “bon voyage” shot, this time with a GoPro since it was officially part of the trip. A gorgeous sunset saw us off from Salt Lake, almost as if it wanted us to remember that it was a pretty spectacular place on its own. We know, SLC. We’ll be home to play in the snow in five months. See you then.


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