A Mass Quantity of Quesadillas

We didn’t hike at all, just drove through to Bozeman.  We took Swan Highway which was really beautiful and prettier than going the Kalispell way (minus the fact that you miss a well-populated lake).  We saw some great looking boulders en route, but tried as we might, we could not find an opening in the barbed wire fence to get into the boulders.  They were right there within reach and we were both dying to climb, but no dice.

We got to Steve’s cousin’s house at about 5:30 pm.  She was sitting on the front porch waiting for us. She showed us around the house, opened the fridge and cupboards and told us that we could have whatever we liked.  Talk about the feeling of Christmas! The two things that caught my eye right away- milk and beef jerky.  I had a huge glass of ice-cold milk with the pile of quesadillas Jessie (Steve’s cousin) made for dinner.  Aaron, Jessie’s husband, had grilled up steak and chicken to mix into the quesadillas, which, when they were served, stood in a pile about a foot high.  By the time Steve and I were done with them, there were only about eight triangles left. Mmmm.

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