Southern Charm: Rumbling Bald, North Carolina

"I can't wait to eat things from separate dishes." Steve's dinner lamentations

After having a bit of a hard time finding our bouldering area, we were rewarded with a playground the likes of which we have yet to top. Rumbling Bald is a mecca for North Carolina bouldering and upon coming to it, we stood in awe of the 900+ problems found in the beautiful rock there.

We also met some great new folks. North Carolina is known for its friendliness, and the outdoor crowd is no exception. We met Billy and Ellie, who sat and talked with us about the area and our trip while we cooked lunch in the park’s parking lot and Willie and Jeremy who were using a giant seat cushion topped with a yoga mat as a crashpad. Both of these sets of outdoor enthusiasts offered great tips for enjoying our stay here.

One takehome point from this trip: don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. The locals are chock full of pride for their local spots and are usually eager to share with a listening ear. Another takehome: if you need a conversation starter, it doesn’t hurt to have Utah plates (especially in the Bible Belt south…)

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