4 Months Down, 1 To Go?

So today is officially our 4 months of actually being on the road.

It was a lazy day today, Steve having led a lot of challenging climbs this weekend- like the 5.11 roof on the Bruise Brothers wall.  We cooked a big breakfast of hashbrowns, ham and a veggie medley. It was very filling and held us over until it was time for dinner- sloppy joes, which Steve was craving.

We only got one climb in today, but talked to lots of great people.  We climbed in an entirely new area for me- Military Wall.  Super challenging climbs there, but some beautiful rock.  There were lots of hikers in the area that came specifically  to take photos of the climbers.  Steve met a group of some spectators who were just pulling into the parking lot. The driver asked, “Can you tell me where to find the climbers?” When Steve went to answer, he happened to look in the back seat where a lady was looking at him and enthusiastically nodding her head in the excited hope of seeing “real life” climbers. Guess if you want to feel like a superstar, head to Military Wall to get your photo taken.

Other than that, not much to report. Heading back to Virginia tomorrow to go to the doctor. Not excited about this, but glad to have the chance to have it looked at. I’m grateful to my parents for helping me pay for it, as well.

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