Goodbye, Smith Rock. Hello, Bed.

Mt. Hood Sunset

We headed to the climbing routes to get some more climbs in before heading out to Portland. We only got two in, but they satisfied us for the day and we felt good about leaving at that point.

We shot some video as we were hiking back from the climbing area and then packed up our gear in the car.  Even though I enjoyed being in Smith Rock, I am looking forward to being in a milder climate with some rain. It’s super dry in Smith and I was constantly putting on sunscreen and lotion and sticking my feet in the river to wash the dust that constantly caked on them.

While we were driving to Portland, we passed Mt. Hood in the fading light. Wow. That is one heck of a mountain. I am definitely coming back to ski that thing. It was by far the highlight of our day’s drive and both of us were practically hanging out of the windows just to get a good look.

We are staying tonight at my friend Cayle’s place. It feels good to take a shower and sleep on an air mattress. We stayed up and talked with Cayle and his roommate, Josh, for a long time. Josh is super personable and wanted to know all about our trip and talked about wanting to do one of his own, which we encouraged him to do. This type of thing is something everyone should take part of at some point in their life. The earlier, the better, too.

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